Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

If you're facing significant life challenges, you've probably tried many times to find support from books, the internet, family, or friends. But external sources can only give you part of the information you need to understand what you're going through. 

In Individual Counselling, I will offer you practical tools to help you turn inward, to feel deeply into all the parts of you at play, and understand the valid needs that are trying to be expressed.  By accessing these inner resources, you will be better able to make informed decisions, free yourself of patterns that are no longer serving you, and help you find your way through even the most challenging times. 

All of our emotions, even the most painful ones, point to what is most important to us, and what we care most deeply about. A safe and supportive counselling relationship will help you turn inward to access and understand your body's emotional and physical signals so that you can connect with your deepest needs, values, sense of self, support, meaning and purpose.

Learning to understand and appreciate your body’s creative healing resources will help you reconnect with your ability to navigate even life’s most challenging terrain with confidence and integrity.

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