Grief Counselling 

BranchesGrief is your body’s natural healing response to significant emotional loss of any kind. There are as many different pathways through grief as there are people who experience it, each one individual and unique. Your experience, process, and needs are healthy, even if they feel uncomfortable or painful.

Any major loss can produce the range of emotions we call grief including:

  • Death
  • End of Relationship
  • Loss of Physical or Mental Health
  • Job Loss, Change, or Retirement
  • Empty Nest
  • Moving or Immigration
  • Social Injustice
  • Environmental Stressors
  • and many more...

During this global pandemic, you have probably experienced a number of these losses. Though grief is a healthy and necessary part of working through loss, you may not have received the understanding or support you need to allow your grief to run its natural course. You may feel a sense of shame, isolation or incompleteness around your grief, even if your loss happened many years ago. Words have gone unspoken. Feelings have not been shared. Over your lifetime, the pain of unresolved grief can negatively impact your relationships, health, wellbeing, and capacity for happiness and fulfillment.

As a Grief Counsellor, I will help you create the space and time you need to tell your unique story, fully express your emotions around your losses, acknowledge your pain, and recover your natural ability to heal.

Together, we will:

  • Look at your beliefs and behaviours around dealing with the losses in your life.

  • Look at how your losses have impacted your relationships, choices, and your sense of self.

  • Connect with and process the unresolved emotions and undelivered communications that you have around your losses.

  • Build your capacity to be present to, and not overwhelmed by, the pain associated with your losses.

  • Develop your ongoing ability to access your body’s natural emotional healing resources.

With supportive counselling, you can let yourself fully grieve your losses, and in doing so, reconnect to what you love and value most in your life.


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