What can I expect during my introductory consultation?

When you come for an introductory consultation, we will assess your needs, and figure out together what support you might need to meet them.

I’ll typically ask you to tell me about the challenges you’ve been facing, what emotional and physical responses you have been experiencing, how you've been coping, and your history related to these challenges and responses. We will also discuss your hopes, expectations, and goals for counselling.

I will also typically ask you about what’s been going well in your life, and what coping strategies have been helpful to you.  

If you’ve been in counselling before, I’ll ask you what worked well for you, and what didn’t.

I’ll provide ample time for you to ask questions you might have about me, my training, the approaches I use, the counselling process, fees, and any other questions you might have.

I’ll also provide referrals to other professionals and resources that might be of interest to you.