Navigating Your Emotional Wilderness

Workshop PosterYour emotions, even your most challenging ones, can provide you with a wealth of information about your best way forward in any situation.

Come to this small comfortable workshop to learn how to listen in to and understand your body's inner wisdom so that you can make well-informed decisions in your life and in the world.

In this group of 4-8 people, you will have the chance to learn some very practical "Questions for Inner Guidance" created by one of my mentors, Larry Nusbaum MD. I will guide you through these questions on your own, and then you'll have the chance to share your responses in pairs, and/or with the group.  You will be in the driver's seat at all times, and won't be asked to share or do anything that you don't want to. 

This workshop is great if you have strong emotions moving through you, if you're facing a challenge or decision, or if you're feeling emotionally stuck or numb, and you're longing for deeper guidance.

However, if you're going through a major loss or challenge in your life, are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, and are having trouble coping, please contact me for a free half-hour consultation so we can figure out the best support possible for you.

Do you have any questions, want to to find out if this group is the right fit for you, or want to register?

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