Grief Support Program

Grief Support 600pxHave you been through a major loss of any kind recently, or some time ago, and are feeling emotionally overwhelmed or stuck? Are you feeling unsure whether your experiences of grief are normal and healthy? Could you use some support to help you through your loss?

Join us for this 10 week experiential program facilitated by Lisa Woolgar, M.Ed. Counselling, to learn the skills and receive the support you need to help you through.

This affordable, comfortable, small group program is designed to create a safe and easy space for you to:

  • Learn about the common misconceptions about how to best work through grief.
  • Look at your own beliefs and behaviours around dealing with grief and loss.
  • Look at how your losses have impacted you life, your relationships, and your sense of self.
  • Work toward completing the unresolved communications and emotions you have around your loss.
  • Reconnect with what you love, value, and need most in life.


Grief is your body's normal, heartfelt, healing response to emotional loss of any kind. There are as many different pathways through grief as there are people who experience it, each one individual and unique.

Any major loss in life can produce the wide range of emotions, thoughts, and physical responses that we call grief, including:

  • Death
  • End of Relationship
  • Loss of Physical or Mental Health
  • Career Change, Job Loss, or Retirement
  • Empty Nest
  • Moving or Immigrating
  • Racism, homophobia, climate change, world issues
  • and many others... 

Unresolved Grief

Though grief is a healthy and necessary part of working through loss, you may not have received the support you've needed to allow your grief to run its natural course. You may feel a sense of isolation and incompleteness around your loss. Words have gone unspoken. Feelings have not been shared.

Over a lifetime, the pain of unresolved grief can be cumulative, and negatively impact your health, wellbeing, and capacity for happiness. The good news is that healing is always possible, even if your loss happened many years ago.

Grief Support

Grief counselling in a small group setting is not only a very affordable way to get the support you need, but will provide you with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, while you focus completely on your own healing experience. In this group, you will be in your own driver's seat at all times. You will always have a choice to share, listen, and participate, not to, depending on your needs in the moment.

This group will help you create the space and time you need to tell your story, acknowledge your pain, and resource your body's natural ability to heal.


Facilitator: Lisa Woolgar, M.Ed. Counselling

Location: The Guelph Wellness House, 183 Norfolk Street

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 and close at 9:30)

Cost: Early-Bird $365. before Jan 6, $395. after Jan 6

For a free consultation and to register, contact Lisa at or 519-994-0345

Limited to 8 participants, registration is required